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All Plans Feature:

Scheduled and manual runs
Run your transformations on a schedule, or kick them off manually from Sinter's UI

Auto-generated dbt documentation
Generate and explore your project's documentation in moments

Job logging and notifications
View logs for currently running and historical dbt jobs, plus error alerts for job failures

In-app support
Contact us via chat from inside the Sinter web application


Free Forever

6 Runs/Day

2 Seats

1 Run Slot



Unlimited Runs/Day

5 Seats

1 Run Slot

API and Trigger Access

$20/month for additional seats

$50/month for additional slots


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Unlimited Runs/Day

Custom Seat and Slot Packages

On-premises Deployment

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sinter relate to dbt?

Sinter is made by the same folks that maintain dbt, Fishtown Analytics. We're on a mission to make analytics look more like engineering, and Sinter is a big part of that mission.

What is a slot?

A "slot" is a single unit of job concurrency. With one slot, one job can be running at any given time. With two slots, two jobs can be running at any given time. Slots can be added or removed from your project through the Sinter interface.

Can I use Sinter with Airflow?

Yes! Using the SinterOperator, you can kick off jobs in Sinter as a part of your Airflow orchestration. This makes it possible to expose job logging, notifications, and documentation to your coworkers without requiring them to log into the Airflow web interface or an EC2 instance.