Sinter helps you run, schedule, and manage your dbt deployment

Deploy your dbt project to production in minutes. Configure job schedules, alerts, and triggers to make the most of your deployment.

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Integrates with your dbt Project

Select models, explore your DAG, and configure your project with Sinter. Sinter integrates directly with GitHub, so your models are always up to date.

Schedule and Trigger Runs

Use Sinter's scheduling interface to precisely configure recurring jobs, or trigger jobs from Airflow with Sinter's API.

Logging and Error Notifications

View logs in real time without needing to SSH into a server. Error notifications ensure that you always know the state of your dbt deployment.

Powerful job scheduling

Flexibly configure job schedules so your data is always fresh. Different jobs can run on different cadences, so you can schedule intra-day and nightly jobs with ease.

  • Define a job with dbt syntax: dbt run --models nightly.*
  • Schedule a job using Sinter's intuitive interface, or use cron syntax
  • Kick off jobs with triggers, like API requests or GitHub Pull Request hooks

Deep insight into your deployment

View historical run logs and job statuses for your project

  • Quickly configure email alerts for failed dbt jobs
  • View realtime logs for historical and in-progress sinter jobs
  • No need to log into an EC2 instance and tail a logfile

Explore and share documentation for your project

Easily generate and share documentation for your dbt project directly from Sinter

  • Configure jobs to generate a documentation site for your project
  • Your documentation is secured behind Sinter's authentication flow
  • Share documentation links with your coworkers to kick your analytics into high gear

Sinter is a core part of the dbt workflow