Scheduled data transformations, minus the headache.

Sinter is a platform that allows you to run, schedule, and manage your dbt jobs.

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Sinter is part of the dbt workflow.   
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Works with your dbt project

All of your dbt project configuration just works with Sinter. Just import your project from Github, and we'll do the rest.

Run when you want

Run any part of your project on a recurring schedule, or use triggers to run on events in your system.

Complete run history

View your past dbt runs right in the app. Now there's no need to SSH into a server and download a log file.



Scheduled and manual runs
Run your transformations on a schedule, or kick them off manually from inside the Sinter UI.

Six runs daily
Keep your persisted transformations up-to-date with the previous day's data.

In-app support
Contact us via chat from inside the Sinter web application.

Basic    ($100/mo)

More frequent runs
Keep your reports up-to-date with more frequent runs. One run can take place at any time ($50/mo for each additional slot).

Advanced triggers
Integrate dbt into your data workflow with Github Pull Requests, webhooks, API access, and more.

Unlimited users
Give your entire team deep insight into your transformation workflow.

Enterprise    (Contact Us)

Tailored training and deployment
Integrate Sinter into your process to make the best use of the platform.

On-premises licenses
Get a license to deploy Sinter into your own private or public cloud.

Service Level Agreements
Meet the reliability and support requirements of your organization.

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